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About Us

The mission of Frontier Schools is to empower students to discover and develop their gifts and talents;
• in pursuit of college readiness, productive citizenship, and lifelong learning
• within an atmosphere of academic excellence with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focus
• to prepare for the STEM-related jobs now projected for the American workforce
• meeting the needs of all, including those whose primary interest is non-STEM
• providing flexibility to expand in the future to a STEAM environment by adding an Arts component

Vision Statement
The vision of Frontier Schools is to become a vibrant, innovative educational leader collaborating with other academic, business and community institutions.

History and Philosophy
Frontier Schools opened in August, 2009 under the sponsorship of the University of Missouri – Kansas City with approximately 220 students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. The focus of the school was on math and science. Parents of the students were impressed by what their students were learning and asked administrators to add a sixth grade so their students could remain at Frontier Schools. Sixth grade was added in 2010. Enrollment continued to increase in the 2010-2011 school year and again parents requested seventh grade be added to accommodate their students. In 2011, Frontier Schools opened a 6th through 12th grade campus at the south location, 5605 Troost Ave. The school is currently serving approximately 300 students.The educational focus was modified to include science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). As enrollment increased, so did the demand for a high school in northeast area. Frontier STEM High School was opened in 2014 and is currently serving approximately 270 students. Frontier Schools has approximately 1,600 students in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City and its surrounding area have the fourth largest engineering, manufacturing and technology workforce in the country. At Frontier Schools we believe excelling in math and science prepares young people to succeed in college, the workplace, and to be competitive in the 21st century. To that end, we are committed to transforming how our students engage and embrace STEM.

Frontier’s middle and high school seeks to end the cycle of generational poverty that affects so many of our students and their families by providing them with a quality educational experience. Our academic goals and performance targets are aligned directly to our mission. Our target population predominantly consists of under-privileged Hispanic students. Our student population also includes students with disabilities, and we are committed to providing all of them with the best educational experience possible. Closing the national achievement gap trends that affect almost all of our students means improving student learning among those who often test several grades below grade level. Frontier Schools believes that these gains indicate growth in individual students’ learning and improvement in the overall instructional program.

The school and its sponsor, the University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC), understand that the mission and work of Frontier Schools to close the achievement gap is difficult, yet essential. As a sponsor, UMKC expects sustained improvement to the educational program over time, but also expects short-term performance goals to be met. The University of Kansas City – Missouri believes ambitious, yet attainable benchmarks exist, but also views performance with an eye towards growth and incremental progress. The consequences for goals, growth and progress not achieved is that UMKC may initiate “school turn-around” strategies that may include an infusion of outside academic expertise, leadership change, and staff reassignment. In addition, UMKC is very concerned with how Frontier Schools students perform relative to their peers in the Kansas City Missouri Public Schools and this will be the most important consideration in decisions relative to charter renewal and closure.

Frontier Schools has identified academic goals and operational goals to describe how the school intends to hold itself accountable for student learning and continuous improvement. The student performance goals account for the necessity of measuring both student growth and establishing high standards for student proficiency. Both of these goals are identified in the school/charter performance plan and mirror the charter’s performance goals outlined below.

Frontier Schools is currently using a combination of diagnostic, authentic, state-mandated, standardized tests, as well as nationally recognized, norm-referenced assessments to measure student’s progress over time and the school’s goals. These are: Northwest Education Association (NWEA) Measure of Academic Progress (MAP), Pre-SAT and ACT tests, MAP Grade Level Assessments, Missouri End of Course Assessments, Star Reading Assessment, Star Early Literacy Assessment, Accelerated Reading (AR) and Math (AM), Acuity Assessments, Triumph Learning-Buckle Down, and World Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Assessments

The Board of Directors of Frontier Schools set the following goals for the school and believes that with the extended day and school year, rigorous program of study, extra tutorial programs, and parental involvement, our students will attain these goals:

Student Academic Goal #1: Frontier Schools will increase English Language Art (ELA) MPI by 8 points annually from the 2013 baseline in order to be ‘On-track’ by 2020 toward Missouri’s ‘Top-Ten-by-20′ target.

Student Academic Goal #2: Frontier Schools will increase Mathematics MPI by 6 points annually from the 2013 baseline in order to be ‘On-track’ by 2018 toward Missouri’s ‘Top-Ten-by-20′ target.

Student Academic Goal #3: Frontier Schools will increase Science MPI by 14 points annually from the 2013 baseline in order to be ‘On-track’ by 2019 toward Missouri’s Top-Ten-by-20 target.

Student Academic Goal #4: Frontier Schools will increase Social Studies MPI by 20 points annually from the 2013 baseline in order to be ‘On-track’ by 2020 toward Missouri’s Top-Ten-by-20 target.

Student Academic Goal #5: The overall annual growth rate of the Frontier Schools on a nationally recognized norm-referenced test, NWEA, will be 50% or higher across all grades and subjects for which the test is given every year.

College and Career Readiness Goals
• Frontier Schools will maintain a 100% high school graduation rate
• Frontier Schools will have 100% college acceptance rate for every graduating class.
• 60% of Frontier Schools students will graduate with a passing grade in at least one advanced placement (AP) or dual credit course.
• 10% student participation in local and national science fair competitions every year
• 20% student participation in national and international trips every year
• 70% student participation in Saturday SAT/ACT camps in the corresponding high school grade
• 80% student participation in at least one school club
• 50% of our parents to receive home visits from teachers annually
• 90% student retention rate will be increased
• 90% student attendance rate will be reached annually.
• 70% attendance at parent-teacher conferences by parents annually
• Students will have 10 hours job shadowing/internship before they graduate from high school.

Board of Directors

Frontier School’s Board of Directors are all unpaid volunteers who come from varied backgrounds in academia, law, science, and mathematics, but share a common passion for education. The Board also solicits input and insight from various individuals and business community members in the Kansas City area.

Board nominations can be made by anyone, including existing Board members, Frontier school employees, parents of Frontier students, Frontier alumni, and the general public. The existing Board reviews the qualifications of nominees, seeking individuals who have expertise, experience, or leadership abilities that will contribute to maintaining a continued standard of excellence for Frontier Schools and its students. Once each year, the existing Board votes on nominations to replace members whose terms have expired, or who have left the Board for other reasons.

Frontier Schools, Inc. Board of Directors

Mr. Eugene Augustine, President

Mailing Address: 30 W. Pershing Road, Suite 402
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: 816-241-6200

Can Do Attitude

Success is a Standard!

We drive our students to be their very best. With high graduation rate, Frontier providing students with an enriched learning atmosphere, exciting social activities as well as after school and weekend tutoring programs with transportation and meals provided. Starting in the ninth grade, students have the opportunity to accrue college credits. Students of Frontier gain real-world experiences through special field investigation trips, summer internships, college tours, and science-oriented projects.

A Working Community and Community That Works

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality education. Built upon the foundation of strict academic study, Frontier Schools established high standards in education. At Frontier our goal is to create an inviting, safe, small, and purposeful environment with a friendly atmosphere that encourages our students desire for knowledge and to help them express themselves more effectively.

The Importance of Involved Parents and Guardians

Our model encourages teachers to engage in home visits with students’ families to build a strong parent-student-teacher triad. Through home visits, our teachers help building caring relationships with students and parents. Our faculty is dedicated to providing the highest quality education in an environment that emphasizes structure, self-discipline and attention to detail in all academic and social interactions.

Frontier Schools – Frontier Schools

Tuition-Free Public Charter School U.S. Department of Education Recognized School Curriculum

College Readiness

  • 1.
    College Readiness

    We are here because we care about the future of our community’s young people. We personally want the best for all students, and to provide them the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

    Highly Qualified and Dedicated Community of Teachers

    • Frontier teachers hold higher education degrees in their disciplines; these teachers are recruited from around the world.
    • Teachers are encouraged to engage in home visits with student families to build on the parent-student-teacher triad.
  • 2.
    College Preparation

    Teachers and other staff members have established a successful home/school connection by a real time Online Database system, which allows parent(s) and guardian(s) to check their child’s progress. In addition, Frontier implemented STAR Reading and Math as well as Advanced Reading (AR) and Advanced Math (AM) programs for parents to see their children’s progress in Math and Reading thru the Renaissance Home Connect System. As our students grow each and every day, we realize that we must continue to do all we can to further advance their education by all means possible. Frontier offers well-equipped school settings and technology integration that immediately responds to the needs of our students.

  • 3.
    College Bound Education

    Frontier provides a rigorous academic program with intensive support that permits students to reach their potential, whether it’s a college prep, honors or AP level course. In addition, students are required to take part in research projects and are encouraged to participate in academic competitions. Our goal at Frontier is to prepare students for college. To that end, the core curriculum for high school students is designed to give each student the essential elements of a college preparatory education along with opportunities to engage in the exploration of intense study of particular fields of interest. Starting in the ninth grade, students have the opportunity to accrue college credits. Students at Frontier gain real-world experiences through special field investigation trips, summer internships, college tours, and science-oriented projects.