Success is a Standard!

Can Do Attitude

Success is a Standard!

We drive our students to be their very best. With a 99.9% graduation rate, Frontier provides students with an enriched learning atmosphere, exciting social activities as well as after school and weekend tutoring programs with transportation and meals provided. Starting in the ninth grade, students have the opportunity to accrue college credits. Students of Frontier gain real-world experiences through special field investigation trips, summer internships, college tours, and science-oriented projects.

A Working Community and Community That Works

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to provide the highest quality education. Built upon the foundation of strict academic study, Frontier schools established high standards in education. At Frontier our goal is to create an inviting, safe, small, and purposeful environment with a friendly atmosphere that encourages our students desire for knowledge and help them express themselves more effectively.

The Importance of Involved Parents and Guardians

Our model encourages teachers to engage in home visits with students’ families to build a strong parent-student-teacher triad. Through home visits, our teachers help building caring relationships with students and parents. Our faculty is dedicated to provide the highest quality education in an environment that emphasizes structure, self-discipline and attention to detail in all academic and social interactions

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