Success is a Standard!

College Readiness

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    College Readiness

    We are here because we care about the future of our community’s young people. We personally want the best for all students, and provide them the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

    Highly Qualified and Dedicated Community of Teachers

    • Frontier teachers hold higher education degrees in their disciplines; these teachers are recruited from around the world.
    • Teachers are encouraged to engage in home visits with student families to build on the parent-student-teacher triad.
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    College Preparation

    Teachers and other staff members have established a successful home/school connection by a real time Online Database system, which allows parent(s) and guardian(s) to check their child’s progress. In addition, Frontier implemented STAR Reading and Math as well as Advanced Reading (AR) and Advanced Math (AM) programs for parents to see their children’s progress in Math and Reading thru the Renaissance Home Connect System. As our students grow each and every day, we realize that we must continue to do all we can to further advance their education by all means possible. Frontier offers wellequipped school settings and technology integration that immediately responds to the needs of our students.

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    College Bound Education

    Frontier provides a rigorous academic program with intensive support that permits students to reach their potential, whether it’s a college prep, honors or AP level course. In addition, students are required to take part in research projects and are encouraged to participate in academic competitions. Our goal at Frontier is to prepare students for college. To that end, the core curriculum for high school students is designed to give each student the essential elements of a college preparatory education along with opportunities to engage in the exploration of intense study of particular fields of interest. Starting in the ninth grade, students have the opportunity to accrue college credits. Students at Frontier gain real-world experiences through special field investigation trips, summer internships, college tours, and science-oriented projects.